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Want to be far more visible and noticed by prospective employers? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage over your peers? Would you like recruiters to seek you out and make you aware of amazing opportunities? Of course, you do. And how do you do this? You look at LinkedIn in a different light.

My daughter, a talented graphic designer (www.emilybaird.com), was snatched away from a great job in Washington, DC. A recruiter, looking to fill a job for an up and coming dot.com funded by Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank, found her.

Recruiters understand that the best talent available is currently employed. That’s right, these professionals aren’t updating their resumes. They’re not looking for a job; they have one.

According to LinkedIn, 75% of the job market falls into the category of “passive” talent. So how does a recruiter make a living when much of this great talent is employed?

They use a tactic called passive recruiting…otherwise known as “poaching.” It is a strategy that three-fourths of all recruiters use to find great people like you.

Not looking for a job? Looking for a job? It doesn’t matter!

I know that LinkedIn is often considered an “afterthought” for many of us. We have a fascination with resumes. Don’t get me wrong. Resumes are necessary, but the game has changed.

In the current job market, if we are doing it right, jobs find us. Again, you still need a great resume and cover letter, especially if you are looking for a job. Good career management says you need a strong LinkedIn presence at all times.

Recruiters are aware of positions before they’re listed on job boards like Indeed and Monster. The jobs listed there represent only a fraction of the actual job opportunities.

Where should you spend your precious time right now?

You should put at least, if not more, effort into your entire LinkedIn presence. Presence is more than your profile section of LinkedIn. It includes acquiring connections, producing and/or sharing content, and participating in groups.

In upcoming blogs, I will share many strategies to increase your presence. But the first thing I need you to do is this. Think about your profile as more than a boring 2,000-character text block.

LinkedIn: Your new website

Treat the summary section of LinkedIn as your personal mini-website. Or, if you have a personal website, a portal to that website.

This small piece of Internet real estate can be used in ways that set you apart from others. You don’t have to examine many other profiles to realize your competition doesn’t know this. The bar is very low and you have an opportunity to set it.

Let others see who you are!

You can create, link, and upload anything to your profile. Follow this link to see a complete list of all supported media formats. Leverage media to showcase yourself like never before.

Consider creating a video that explains who you are, what gets you excited, and what you’re looking for in a job. It’s one thing to tell others about all this, it’s another to show them.

Think of this video as an opportunity to get an unsolicited interview. That’s powerful! If they like what they see, they may just call you for the real thing.

And yes, you may have published an article or written a book. And you may have even listed it in the publications section of your profile.

Take the next step and link to it in your new mini-website. Give potential employers a seamless way to actually read what you’ve written?

Hard to do all this? Not at all.

The instructions from LinkedIn are straightforward:

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/34325

Vanity Plates? Why of course!

Create a URL you will be proud to put on your resume, your cover letter, and your business card.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/87?query=vanity%20URL

Here is how it will look. www.linkedin.com/in/robertwbaird/

LinkedIn: Your new brand ambassador

In essence, you can grow your 2,000-word limit to something astronomical by adding pictures, videos, audio, and slideshows. Think of LinkedIn as a blank canvas waiting for you to paint an awesome picture of yourself.

Take every opportunity to show others how special you are and what you bring to the table. Let LinkedIn speak for you even when you are sleeping. That’s a brand ambassador I want on my team.

I look forward to assisting you with your career aspirations.

Take care till next week,



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